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What do we produce?

We specialise in the manufacture of plastic products. The products we make are used for applications in the construction, plumbing, brewery, farming, fruit processing, chemical, waste processing, recreation and many other sectors.
If you can’t find a particular product in the list below, contact us. We will offer you a custom solution that will meet your specific needs.


SPS structured pipes (DN600 – DN3500), with SN2 – SN8 stiffness grades (other stiffness grades and diameters are available upon request)

SPS structured pipes with polyurethane

Underground tanks, retention tanks, storage tanks (V = 5 – 1500 m3)

Process tanks

Cuboidal tanks, free-standing tanks, storage tanks, hot-dip galvanisation baths

Oil/water separators Q = 1 – 750 l/s

Drainage system fittings: flap valves (DN100 – DN2000) and gate vales

Fittings and other utility transmission items (90 – 1000 mm in diameter, also with special reinforcement)

Reinforced fittings

Smooth thermoplastic boards with thicknesses ranging from 3 to 140 mm

Corrugated thermoplastic boards with thicknesses ranging from 10 to 140 mm

Adaptors for joining pipes of any type or diameter

PEHD and PP rods (3 to 5 mm in thickness)

Grease separators (Q = 0.5 – 25 l/s)

Free-standing tanks, process tanks and storage tanks approved by the Polish Office of Technical Inspection (UDT)

Cleaning hatches for industrial drainage systems

Tapping tees and collector sewers

Sleeves and reducers (50 – 1000 mm)

Sewage chambers, (water) meter chambers, infiltrator chambers, metering chambers and pumping station tanks